Thank You, thyssenkrupp, for the Amazing NYC Views and Hospitality

Members of the Vertical Initiative for Elevator Escalator Women (VIEEW)  were recently treated to a wonderful tour of the elevator system — including the machine room — at One World Trade Center by thyssenkrupp. Organized by thyssenkrupp’s Angelika Morton, the day included enjoying the amazing city views from thyssenkrupp’s 84th-floor offices and an Italian feast fit for a king or, in this case, queen. Thank you Angelika and thyssenkrupp for a day to remember!!

Just one of the amazing NYC views from thyssenkrupp headquarters in One WTC.

A fabulous Italian spread thyssenkrupp prepared for the ladies of the VIEEW

The day included a complete tour of the elevator machine room in One WTC.


Love Elevators? YouTube Has a Video for You

A screen grab of a DieselDucy video showing a manually operated Otis elevator.

Just about anyone with an Internet-connected device has at one time or another watched a video on YouTube, the Google-owned service that allows users to post short films featuring everything from cats to catastrophes. Some of the content is truly interesting and informative, some of it is a way to kill time, and some of it is just junk — not worth the smartphone on which it was shot. Some of the videos, however, can be real gems, and writer Justin Peters at Slate found a few that a lot of us can relate to: what he calls “YouTube’s vast subculture of elevator connoisseurs.”

Peters, writing for the Slate feature “Watching YouTube,” discovered several fascinating posts where folks who love elevators have shared their passions. One, entitled “Schindler 300A Hydraulic Elevator – Barnes & Noble – Foothills Mall, Tucson, Arizona,” takes viewers on a ride/tour of a two-stop lift inside a retail store. In another, presenter Andrew Reams (a.k.a. DieselDucy) posted a before and after look at a modernized freight elevator at North Carolina State University. Reams, who has been filming elevators for decades, wasn’t too happy with the upgrade.

“Modernized. Yuck,” he says. “If this were a new install, I would like this, but I do not like what it replaced.”

Some of the videos Peters linked to have salty language, and one makes totally unjustified criticism (without explanation) of a certain type of elevator, but if vertical transportation is what gets you out of bed every day, YouTube has an elevator video for you.

A Look Inside the Nearly Complete 3 WTC

Construction of the 1,079-ft.-tall, 80-story 3 World Trade Center (WTC) in Lower Manhattan, New York, is nearly complete. The Real Deal reported that, arguably, the most impressive part so far are the views from the building, noting: “A person standing on the 76th-floor terrace of 3 WTC can see four states, at least three bridges and Larry Silverstein’s new apartment at 30 Park Place.” This video features Jeremy Moss of developer Silverstein Properties talking about the four-and-a-half-year story of this unique building and pointing out a few of its unique features — a couple of which involve its approximately 50 elevators.