New HUD Secretary’s Housing Tour Delayed by Elevator

New Housing and Urban Development Secretary Dr. Ben Carson stopped in Miami, Florida, recently as part of a listening and learning tour, which included visiting a local affordable housing complex. The tour, which was locally important, became national news when Carson got stuck in the facility’s elevator for 20 minutes. As firefighters worked to free him from the elevator, which they did without incident, former NBA star Alonzo Mourning and others waited outside with encouraging words, like, “Don’t worry. You’re not going to run out of air.”



Have a Coke, a Celebrity and a Smile (in an elevator!)

Coca-Cola’s new summer television ad campaign features a top Bollywood female star and a very lucky young waiter. The drama, featuring a spirited dance number, takes place in an elevator. The star, Deepika Padukone, catches the elevator just as the doors are closing with the waiter, carrying a room-service order that includes a bucket of ice-cold Cokes, inside. We then see sparks erupting in the elevator shaft and the unit coming to abrupt halt. The pair relax with some of the Cokes and break into dance. Rather than a traumatic experience, it is clearly one of the best in the waiter’s life. When firefighters show up to rescue the entrapped pair, however, something goes wrong, at least from the waiter’s perspective. Find out what happens by watching the video!

The Elevator Comes to the Automobile…?

Anyone who drives a taller vehicle knows how satisfying it is to be able to cross or overrun things that others just can’t. has reported on one better: an SUV that, “at the touch of the Up button on the center stack, its wheels extend outward and upward, allowing the SUV to straddle the other cars to escape gridlock.” The Hum Rider, though real, won’t be coming to many garages, however. It’s a promotional tool for Verizon’s new Hum device.