The World’s 10 Tallest New Buildings of 2015



With the number of officially “tall” buildings — at least 656 feet (200 meters) — doubling over the next ten years, and the number of “megatall” buildings — at least 1,969 feet (600 meters) — expected to jump from two to 10 by 2020, building construction around the world is literally reaching new heights. Indeed, next year alone 10 new skyscrapers of at least 1,110 feet (338 meters) will be completed. They are 2015′s tallest buildings…with lots of vertical transportation needed!

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City Skylines – Enjoy The Views

Below are a few beautiful photographs of the Chicago (top) and Seattle (bottom) skylines.  These bustling cities and tall buildings would not be possible without vertical transportation.  More photos from cities across the U.S. can be found by clicking here.  Sit back, relax and enjoy the views.

In addition, Elevator World recently completed its 2nd Annual “Photo’s of the Elevator World” contest.  One of our most popular categories was “Skylines and Tall Buildings”.  Click here to view the photos that were submitted by our readers.


The Emerald City



Beware the Giant Spider

Ever heard of the guy who was bitten to death by a giant spider in an elevator? Watch the horror unfold at 1:00-1:30. Be careful riding elevators this Halloween!


EW Hosts The NEII Safety Committee

Safety Committee1On October 22-23 the NEII® Field Employee Safety Committee met at the Elevator World office to discuss and review important changes that will be made to the new 2015 Elevator Industry Employees’ Safety Handbook.  The Safety Handbook (for short) has long been considered “the” safety standard for protection of field employees on construction or maintenance jobs. The new handbook is scheduled to be made available to the industry by March 2015.  For updates on this new manual and additional jobsite safety information click here.  To purchase the current 2010 (with 2011 revisions) Safety Handbook click here.  To learn more about NEII you can visit their website here.       


Men Chisel Their Way Out Of Elevator In China

As I was waiting to get my car serviced this morning an interesting news piece on the television caught my attention.  Of course it was related to elevators…and pretty scary.  After the below video was shown, the other patrons in the room began laughing.  In a nutshell, here is what happened:  The elevator malfunctioned — sending it to the building’s basement.  When the door opened to a brick wall, the men inside used what they had to get out.  One man chiseled an opening with a hammer and another was able to squeeze through that and get help.

Eleven years ago (pre-elevator industry) I probably would have been laughing right with the folks in the waiting room. However, working near the elevator industry for all these years persuaded me do something that would make the Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation proud.  I took the opportunity to tell these fine people that I work in the industry, how dangerous this was, and that the guy climbing out was very lucky.  I continued telling them to always wait for help when stuck in an elevator as the majority are equipped with monitoring systems. We have all witnessed the very bad things that can happen when you try and take matters into your own hands.  This small comment spurred a lot on interest, questions and much curiosity.  I even got the standard “there is a magazine for elevators?” If nothing else, a few more people now know the right thing to do in situations such as this. Stay safe out there!


Photos of the Week

Here are a few photos that I found online recently –  thought I would share:





10 Unique Escalators

As featured on this blog many times in the past, vertical transportation can come in many different shapes, sizes, environments and types of technology used.  This article concentrates on escalators and all 10 are very different and unique – from the world’s shortest escalator to the world’s longest outdoor escalator (and even one under water).  Have a look and enjoy some of the uniqueness of our industry.    





Peyton Manning Has Protection Even On The Escalator


Well, it’s football season (American football) so why not post a football-related blog?  Peyton Manning, the star Quarterback (QB) for the NFL team the Denver Broncos, was spotted in a hotel recently riding the escalator.  Obviously Denver is a great offensive team – maybe now we know why – you can’t even get to the QB on an escalator.  Good thing his fellow teammates put their phones away before the games!


Rat Race on The Escalator

This week, commuters in Los Angeles were treated to the bizarre scene of a rat using the handrail of an escalator as a sort of treadmill.  Onlookers appeared unfazed by the proximity of the rat as the small rodent attempted to somehow jump off the handrail.  At times the rat became exhausted by its workout and briefly stopped running, only to realize it was then being carried up the escalator, thus forcing the rat to resume its never-ending battle to jump off.  Eventually a woman emerges from the crowd to give the rodent a helping hand, knocking the rat from its handrail perch and allowing it to scuttle off – without a thanks. And this is your funny of the week!