11 Highly Anticipated Skyscrapers

Architectural Digest recently produced an online gallery of the most anticipated tall buildings around the world.  Spanning from Vietnam to New York – from busting cities to the middle of the Alps – these unique and modern marvels will definitely be something to see.  The most important thing is that they will all need vertical transportation, and I am sure someone reading this blog can certainly help.  Enjoy the gallery.


Photographer Captures World’s Biggest Cities at 12,000 Feet


Sydney, Australia – click to enlarge

Tall buildings, bright lights, bustling traffic and the general buzz of people flow have been used to describe 21st century “mega-cities”. At street level, spectacular views abound in cities such as New York, Barcelona, Las Vegas, Sydney and London. But, what about the view from thousands of feet above these cities? SPECTACULAR! Photographer Vincent Laforet spent time in 2015 edging out of a helicopter door at heights of up to 12,000 feet photographing them. His new book, “AIR,” compiles the best and most spectacular aerial images captured throughout the project. However, you can view some of these images by viewing the video below. For more photo’s, and CNN’s feature article on this project, click here.  Enjoy!

“When you are in any of these metropolitan areas on a street level, you feel a lot smaller and isolated,” Laforet told CNN over the phone from New York. “You are overwhelmed by the noise and the differences you see on the ground.”

“But when you are above these cities at several thousand feet or several kilometers, somehow they feel much more within grasp. You definitely feel more connected to the city and the people within it. There’s this energy that’s almost palpable.”

‘Hellevator’: A New Game Show Scares Contestants In An Elevator

If you like game shows, horror movies and elevators then you are in luck.  The premier of a new gameshow called Hellevator aired just last night (October 21).  And, yes, the name pretty much says it all.  The show is from executive producer Jason Blum, whose company, Blumhouse Productions, produced the Paranormal Activity, The Purge, and Insidious franchises.  So, we can safely (maybe a bad choice of words) assume it is indeed…scary.

Airing on GSN (Game Show Network), the show involves a group of contestants (usually friends) riding an elevator into the depths of an abandoned warehouse, where one by one, they have to get out on different floors to conquer some notably unsettling obstacles in order to gain money for their team… or be eliminated from the game (or “killed”, in horror movie vernacular) if they don’t make it back in time, as the Hellevator moves on without them.  If they successfully complete the mission the group will win US$50,000.

There have been many movies and television shows that use elevators in terrifying situations, but this one actually brings them into reality (sort of).  Feeling bummed that you missed the first episode?  Don’t worry, the video below provides a preview of the first 10 minutes.  If you actually saw the full episode leave us a comment on what you thought about it below.

Hellevator…just in time for Halloween!