Finland Memories: An Impressive Schindler Hotel Elevator

The elevator travels in a black-wire shaft.

Last year, I had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel to Helsinki, courtesy of KONE, to tour their newly remodeled underground high-rise elevator test laboratory and shaft, the deepest in the world. While that was clearly a highlight of the trip, the magic of Helsinki was on full display at every turn, including at the hotel where KONE put up its journalist guests. Located in a historic building steps away from Helsinki’s South Harbor, it is a member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World and has hosted the likes of the Dalai Lama and Kylie Minogue. It is a beautiful place with an interior that reminds one of a fairytale castle. Attention is paid to every detail, including its elevator, an impressive installation by Schindler that features a stainless steel and rich wood cab that travels in a black-cage shaft in the center of a white marble staircase. I should have videotaped its smooth, elegant operation, but these pictures will have to do!

The Schindler elevator in Hotel Haven has a stylish stainless-steel and wood cab.

Detail of a ceiling in Hotel Haven



thyssenkrupp Gets the Thumbs-Up from Trump

During a recent dinner with European business leaders in Switzerland, U.S. President Donald Trump gave a figurative thumps-up to elevator manufacturer thyssenkrupp for its significant work in the U.S., including providing the vertical transportation system for the Freedom Tower in New York City. thyssenkrupp CEO Heinrich Hiesinger told Trump the company is very proud to have done all the elevators in Freedom Tower, to which Trump replied, “Wow.” Heisinger went on to say the project took six years, and that thyssenkrupp provides 3,000 apprenticeships for young people every year. Asking how thyssenkrupp compared to Otis, Trump learned the companies are “quite similar in size.” Trump shared that he has used thyssenkrupp products in his own real-estate projects, and described the equipment as “great.” 

An escalator is lowered for installation in the Freedom Tower, aka 1 WTC, in NYC; image courtesy of thyssenkrupp

The Breathtaking, “Bladerunner” Bradbury Elevator and More from Los Angeles

A friend of ELEVATOR WORLD recently spent the holidays in L.A., and, while there, captured a few pretty neat vertical-transportation installations she shared with us. Below are the breathtaking elevator in the five-story central court of the historic Bradbury Building, featured prominently in the 1980s classic sci-fi movie Bladerunner, the panoramic, round Mitsubishi Electric elevator in The Broad modern art museum, a sturdy-yet-stylish accessibility elevator in the Metro and Angel’s Flight, a landmark 2 ft., 6 in. narrow gauge funicular railway in the Bunker Hill district of downtown.