Escalators Made Even Greener!

Sunway Pyramid in Subang Jay, Malaysia, has turned some of its escalators into an “Oasis Garden,” The Star recently reported. Artificial greenery abounds, while a four-screen LCD display mounted on the wall has an image of running water gushing over rocks. A fountain with benches for people to sit and take photos is at a landing, while 14 speakers immerse riders in the sounds of various rainforest creatures.

In addition to helping soothe people by bringing a little nature to their commute, the installation helps ease the travel to and from the mall and its paraking bays. The “escalators were in a relatively harsh environment without air-conditioning,” Sunway Malls and Theme Parks CEO H.C. Chan explained. “And a mall can be a very crowded place. The garden helps to change the feel and mood of the shoppers, allowing them to experience something soothing, refreshing and therapeutic.”

Escalators: Politicians’ New Tools?

Quartz at Work brought our attention to a short video it describes as, essentially, “a statement on how long it takes, and how much work is involved, in women’s advancement within an organization.” The creator, the office of the Mayor of London, promoted that “many of the reactions filmed were genuine reactions and not scripted,” yet conceded “a small cast of actors playing real people.”

Do you think this is this a good use of escalators to illustrate a political point, or did it only upset a lot of ladies in a hurry?