“Could Get Boring”

Is this screen familiar to you? It was to me this past weekend when I switched hard drives in my computer. Though my first thought wasn’t that elevator music needed to be playing through my speakers as the files migrated, that’s apparently an option. Instant Elevator Music automatically plays downbeat tunes while you wait for programs to open, files to copy and downloads to download. Softonic reviews it as being “pretty funny,” “low on resources” and customizable, with only one knock everybody saw coming: “could get boring.”

Product Placement

The Daily Mail recently reported on a Sydney installation that went viral after the video below made its way to Facebook. In an apparent mistake, an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser was installed directly above the hall car-operating panel, making users get their dose of alcohol whether they wanted it or not.

Cat Operated, Cat Approved

Providing a cat “more comfortable way to get into the garden,” YouTube user CrazyMrJohn has popular video on the site of a lift “fully operated by the cat” using an “infrared catflap.” I have to assume the kitty breaking an infrared beam makes the “cat-lift” begin operation. but I can’t be sure of the particulars.

This custom lift’s not the only one to help a cat to change floors like a person. This video shows a cat that has apparently figured out his apartment building’s elevator. As is always the case for YouTube and cats, there are more examples in the “Recommended” section!