Hollywood Elevators Versus Real Life

Mashable recently examined a few elevator movie scenes in an interview with John Holzer, an elevator technician who’s quite knowledgeable and up to date on his industry knowledge. It seems to me he’s been reading a lot of ELEVATOR WORLD! He’s also a good ambassador for the industry, accurately calling it “number one with safety — safety, safety safety.”

Documenting France’s Elevators

What Jordan Lowe does for Canada, The French Elevator Channel does for France and beyond. Some elevators are gorgeous and well maintained, but I gravitate toward watching footage of the worst. Is the one below really the “worst elevator ever on YouTube”? I’ll just say I’d rather take my chances with the stairs.

Keeping With Tradition

Those of us from EW attending the National Association of Elevator Contractors Convention & Exposition in Atlantic City over the past week were greeted with what’s become a familiar sight: vertical-transportation out of service. This escalator is in the Bally’s casino, hotel, where we stayed. Fortunately, the professional crew had the unit back up and running by the time we tried to use it again (not pictured: another escalator down Wednesday in our home airport in Mobile, Alabama).