Meet Walton Press

Just outside of Atlanta, Georgia, lies the small town of Monroe, which has been the home of Walton Press since 1900. Walton Press now serves as the printer for ELEVATOR WORLD magazine. On February 15 and 16, Elevator World’s Vice President of Production, Lillie McWilliams, along with myself, had the privilege of visiting the press to see their process. The timing worked out great, too, as we were actually able to see our magazine going through the printing process!

The level of pride everyone at Walton Press puts into their work results in a quality magazine, not only for us, but for you — our readers.

We would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to everyone we met at Walton Press for being such wonderful hosts.

Check out some of these photos from our visit!

Here, one of several signatures that make up a copy of ELEVATOR WORLD magazine, is being run through the giant heat press and folding machine


And the final result is good!


Another impressive piece of machinery at Walton Press




Got ink? Walton Press has a lot of it!



Some of the Walton Press team with myself and EW VP of Production, Lillie McWilliams

“Could Get Boring”

Is this screen familiar to you? It was to me this past weekend when I switched hard drives in my computer. Though my first thought wasn’t that elevator music needed to be playing through my speakers as the files migrated, that’s apparently an option. Instant Elevator Music automatically plays downbeat tunes while you wait for programs to open, files to copy and downloads to download. Softonic reviews it as being “pretty funny,” “low on resources” and customizable, with only one knock everybody saw coming: “could get boring.”

thyssenkrupp Gets the Thumbs-Up from Trump

During a recent dinner with European business leaders in Switzerland, U.S. President Donald Trump gave a figurative thumps-up to elevator manufacturer thyssenkrupp for its significant work in the U.S., including providing the vertical transportation system for the Freedom Tower in New York City. thyssenkrupp CEO Heinrich Hiesinger told Trump the company is very proud to have done all the elevators in Freedom Tower, to which Trump replied, “Wow.” Heisinger went on to say the project took six years, and that thyssenkrupp provides 3,000 apprenticeships for young people every year. Asking how thyssenkrupp compared to Otis, Trump learned the companies are “quite similar in size.” Trump shared that he has used thyssenkrupp products in his own real-estate projects, and described the equipment as “great.” 

An escalator is lowered for installation in the Freedom Tower, aka 1 WTC, in NYC; image courtesy of thyssenkrupp