Porche Design Tower, with Its Unique Car Elevator, Provides Shelter for Cars from Hurricane Irma in Miami

Before Hurricane Irma slammed into Florida on September 30 with maximum sustained winds of 130 mph , the City of Miami scrambled to prepare. For the lucky few, preparations included protecting their luxury cars that cost far more than most homes. Enter Porsche Design Tower developer Gil Dezer, who, according to The Drive, sheltered 10 of Miami’s most expensive supercars in his 60-story luxury tower. These vehicles included Lamborghinis and Paganis, one model of which has a price tag in the US$2.8-million range. A picture of Italian style, Paganis’ maximum speed is 100 miles more than Irma’s winds: 230. No word on whether any of the luxury-auto Irma “refugees” got to ride in the specially made car elevator, which Chicago’s Mid-American Elevator had a hand in building.

The Pagani Huayra BC can go 230 mph and sells for approximately US$2.8 million; image from Autoriva

Documenting Canada’s Elevators

Jordan Lowe, a friend of “Unstoppable” Tracy Schmitt (the inspirational speaker who gave her fascinating story at the Canadian Elevator Contractors Association Annual Convention, covered in the September issue), is an avid elevator photographer and videographer. He posts regular updates of “elevator tours” from across Canada to his YouTube channel and has an active elevator-related Facebook page. Have a look and engage in industry discussion with this real elevator enthusiast!

Aircraft Carriers’ Flirt With Escalators

The Drive’s article sheds some light on a little-known application for vertical transportation. Installed in the late 1940s through the 1950s, these Westinghouse Electric Stairways transported gear-laden aircrews from their ready rooms deep in the bowels of aircraft carriers up to the flight deck without winding them — at least, when they worked. Unreliability over time seems to have contributed to future ships doing away with them entirely, opting to simply locate ready rooms closer to flight decks.