Georg Simon Ohm

March 16 marks the 227th birthday of Georg Simon Ohm.
Here is a short biography of his life and work.

Georg Simon Ohm’s father was a rather remarkable man, who had educated himself to a high level and was able to give his sons an excellent education through his own teachings, bringing them to a high standard in mathematics, physics, chemistry and philosophy. Ohm went to Switzerland where, in September 1806, he took up a post as a mathematics teacher in a school in Gottstadt bei Nydau.

His private studies had stood him in good stead. He received a doctorate from Erlangen on October 2, 1811, and immediately joined the staff as a mathematics lecturer.

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The Debate Cab

You’ve been invited to give an address at the most prestigious debating society in the world. The catch is, you feel threatened by the geniuses in the room and you have egalitarian leanings. What do you do?

Actor Shia LaBeouf decided to kill these two birds with one elevator. He and fellow artists, Nastja Rönkkö and Luke Turner, had been invited to address the Oxford Union Society. As part of their hour-long talk, they spent 24 hours in a lift from 9 am on February 19 to 9 am February 20, 2016. Visitors waited for hours to debate and speak with the three artists about anything in the elevator cab. Midway through the performance, the trio gave their talk in the Oxford Union chamber. Coupled with the chamber talk, the cab conversations formed “an extended, expansive and egalitarian Oxford Union address.”

Like everyday elevator passengers, the artists and visitors engaged in small talk. Unlike passengers who get stuck in elevators, they took bathroom breaks and ate pizza.

Little Joe and His Mentor

Collection Three in Elevator World’s Hall of Humor

by William C. Sturgeon

The name “Chivers” on a cartoon indicated that an elevator constructor was also an expert with pen and ink. Syd Chivers had been an installer for Otis and Express Lift in both the United Kingdom and South Africa before moving to Hollywood, California, and a career in commercial art. For many years, the authentic environment depicted in his sketches indicated a graphic artist who also had grease, as well as ink, on his hands. The International Union of Elevator Constructors required that two men be used on a job, and the old-time mechanic and bumbling helper, Joe, became a familiar pair within the pages of ELEVATOR WORLD.

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