The Elevator as Farmer’s Market

A neighbor of Jiang Haiyun’s praised her for leaving a bag of peppers in the elevator.

Most people use elevators to go up or down in a building. Some use them to practice a sales pitch. But, for Jiang Haiyun, a doctor in Quzhou, China, her building’s elevator seemed the logical place to share a bounty of fresh chili peppers with her neighbors earlier this month, reports the website Shine.

Jiang Haiyun with a young patient.

Jiang’s parents, who live in the nearby countryside, often bring her seasonal vegetables. It’s been a great year for chili peppers, so during a recent visit they brought her chilis. A lot of chilis — more than she could use. Jiang’s immediate thought was to share them with her neighbors, but didn’t like the idea of knocking on doors. Her solution? Leave a nearly 3.5-lb. bag of peppers in the elevator with a note saying they were free for the taking.

The “taking” didn’t take long. Within 20 minutes, several of her neighbors had snapped up the spicy, pungent delights. They were quick to praise Jiang, with one social media post calling her a “great Chinese neighbor.”

Escalators Made Even Greener!

Sunway Pyramid in Subang Jay, Malaysia, has turned some of its escalators into an “Oasis Garden,” The Star recently reported. Artificial greenery abounds, while a four-screen LCD display mounted on the wall has an image of running water gushing over rocks. A fountain with benches for people to sit and take photos is at a landing, while 14 speakers immerse riders in the sounds of various rainforest creatures.

In addition to helping soothe people by bringing a little nature to their commute, the installation helps ease the travel to and from the mall and its paraking bays. The “escalators were in a relatively harsh environment without air-conditioning,” Sunway Malls and Theme Parks CEO H.C. Chan explained. “And a mall can be a very crowded place. The garden helps to change the feel and mood of the shoppers, allowing them to experience something soothing, refreshing and therapeutic.”

Garaventa Mystery in Mobile, Alabama

During a recent trip down Airport Boulevard in Mobile, Alabama, where Elevator World, Inc., has its global headquarters, the Editorial staff spotted a familiar name on a pair of work trucks parked in a strip mall near a Whole Foods: Garaventa, the global accessibility-lift specialist that has been known in the industry for decades. Since the vehicles were outfitted with personalized “Lifts” tags from the Alabama capital of Montgomery, we now know the company has a location here. Further research revealed Garaventa Lift Alabama is a factory-owned branch operated out of Prattville, Alabama, just outside of Montgomery. We are curious as to what the technicians were working on in Mobile. If you know, please let US know!! Was it lifts for Whole Foods, another retailer, or an upscale home in one of the nearby neighborhoods? We would love to know!!

These Garaventa work trucks were spotted on a parking lot on Airport Boulevard in Mobile on June 14.