Iconic New Orleans Restaurant Giving Diners a Lift

Antoine’s Restaurant has been a home for fine dining in New Orleans’ French Quarter since 1840; photo by Wikimedia user Infrogmation.

At Antoine’s in the heart of New Orleans’ famed French Quarter, you can delight your senses with the original Oysters Rockefeller, alligator bisque soup and Chateaubriand. You can enjoy Sunday brunch served against a soundscape of live jazz music or drop in during the week for a unique lunch experience. You can immerse yourself in the elegant surroundings of one of this iconic French-Creole restaurant’s 14 dining rooms. But, what you’ve never been able to do, not in its nearly 180 years of operation, is take an elevator for an upstairs table. That’s about to change, though. Local television station WGNO reports that Antoine’s, the oldest family-owned restaurant in the U.S., will be adding a lift to make it easier for diners of all ages and abilities to take in all it has to offer. Details about the elevator’s design or when it would be installed were not immediately available, but for fans of fine dining, this is indeed an uplifting development.

Documenting France’s Elevators

What Jordan Lowe does for Canada, The French Elevator Channel does for France and beyond. Some elevators are gorgeous and well maintained, but I gravitate toward watching footage of the worst. Is the one below really the “worst elevator ever on YouTube”? I’ll just say I’d rather take my chances with the stairs.

“New” Concept in Elevator Art

LIFTnewyork has launched a unique take on enhancing the elevator experience. While it may not be the only of its kind (the Washington Monument elevator comes to your author’s mind), you won’t find anything quite like it. A vertical mural on an 80-foot-tall shaft wall and a window in the car facilitate the immersion. Some New York City elevators will soon offer the art-filled ride, abc7NY reports: