Photo of the Week

I stumbled upon this photo recently on a blog I visited.  The photo was taken in Nürnberg, Germany and the author writes the following:

I was staying at a small and inexpensive hotel near the city center. I returned last night around 11pm. I was really tired from the long day, and with a heavy notebook back with me. I was going to enter the elevator to the upper floors, when I saw this signage on the elevator door.  So there I was standing in front of that door, about to press the button, still thinking about the consequences. Not a good sign. Can I take the risk? What would you do?

Well, what would you do?


2013 Interlift Exhibition

This video will give you a first-hand look inside the largest elevator industry trade show and conference consisting of 505 exhibits, 7 halls and 18,000+ attendees.  The event takes place every two years in Augsburg, Germany.  Yes, we know the video is 24 minutes long…it’s a big show!  Move forward in the video as you like.  Look for the full report and photos in an upcoming issue of ELEVATOR WORLD magazine.

In addition,  a special hall was presented this year called “Italia Magnifica”, which focused on this years partner country Italy. “Made in Italy” products (i.e. Ferrari 358 Spider, Ducati Diavel, Armani, etc.), were coupled to the excellence and the history of the Italian lift industry.  See a few photos below (click any image for a larger view):

IT.MAG. (8)

IT.MAG. (1)

IT.MAG. (6)