Sea World Has Its Ups…and Downs!

It had been 31 years since I took the trip to Orlando, FL to see Mickey Mouse and his compadres at Disney World.  And, back in 1984, I can say that I remember it being as Disney promotes – “The happiest place on earth”.  Fast forward to 2015, 42 years old, with a seven and four year old (niece and nephews) and 40,000 other “let’s get away from the real world for a moment” seekers I went.  And, all I can say is, well done Mr. Disney, well done.  And, just like a major city, among the hustle and bustle of the theme parks, there are still ways to take us higher…with laughs and giggles…and back down again…with shouts and screams (but for good, and fun, reasons).

On the fourth day we all went to Sea World. As someone who works in the vertical transportation industry, I noticed the Sky Tower immediately upon entering the park.


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