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A new addition to the blog will be “Tweets of the Week”.  I will scour the Twitter universe and find what’s trending in elevators and any funny/interesting tweets that are vertical transportation-related.  The “Photo of the Week” blog post will move to Friday’s and a mixed bag of things will still be posted on other days.  Thanks for reading and on to our first installment of tweets:


“I’ve always wanted to go into an elevator full of strangers and say “I bet you’re wondering why I’ve gathered you all here today.”

“I think it would be funny to move an office desk to an elevator & then ask everyone who gets on, “do you have an appointment?”

“Just saw a kid get his hand stuck in an elevator door. I sure hope the mother at least got a trophy for that tweet she was writing.”

“Sometimes when people try to push you away, they really need you to be closer… Clearly not this lady in the elevator, but others maybe?”

“Cool moment, just bumped into Lenny Kravitz in the elevator.

“Little boy in the elevator with his mom was holding balloons. I said, “I like your balloons.” But I lied. I didn’t like his balloons at all.”

“This crowded elevator looks like a great place to breakdance.”

“Wow I’m stuck in the elevator! first time this has ever happened to me, all I can think of right is every sc

“Nothing going to lie, I wish my house had an elevator or escalator. Stairs are hard work at the best of times.”

“Day 2 without escalator. It looks worse than before. Fear creeps into my heart as I shamble up the stairs. Will it ever be fixed”

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