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PMT’s EVA system is the world’s standard for the measurement of elevator/escalator ride quality, vibration & sound, and is used in over 70 countries. The system uniquely provides the ability to precisely diagnose elevator/escalator mechanical and control systems, evaluate performance, & absolutely measure ride quality with respect to human response & ISO standards. Additionally, PMT offers the IMD-1, the world’s first instrument to measure and analyze the Escalator Step/Skirt


Market: International

Marketing Contact: Gregory P. Lorsbach

Engineering Contact: Gregory P. Lorsbach

Sales Office: Jude M. Wright, wrightjm@pmtvib.com

Products Manufactured/Supplied: EVA-625 Elevator & Escalator Vibration Analysis System; EVA Vibration Analysis Tools Software; IMD-1 Escalator Step/Skirt Performance Index Measurement Device; MMC-1 Multi-Measurement Data Collector; ETCH01 Tachometer Module.

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BOX 400, 4 LING STREET Marlborough, New Hampshire, UNITED STATES 03455

phone: (603) 876-9990

fax: (603) 876-9995

website: http://www.pmtvib.com

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