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CEA was formed in 1984 and has 500 members. The secretariat together with the Institute of Building Mechanization. CEA is one of the sponsors of China World Elevator & Escalator Expo and China Elevator Magazine.


Contact: Zhang Lexiang

President: Ren Tianxiao

Representation: Elevator manufacturers, installers and maintainers, as well as inspection and testing organizations and research and educational institutions

Responsibility: Promoting technical progress and elevatoring techniques; helping the relevant government department stipulate the industrial policy and carry out the industrial administration; and serving as bridge and tie of government and enterprise

Standing Committee: Technical, Safety, Editorial for CHINA ELEVATOR magazine, as well as Design and Manufacture, Installation and Maintenance Committee.

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phone: view phone+86 316-2311426/2012957

fax: view fax+86 316-2311427

website: www.cea-net.org

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    IAEC brings together qualified vertical transportation professionals to improve the general function of the industry in all its phases. IAEC creates a forum for exchanging ideas, experiences, innovations and discussing regulations.


    Contact: Sheila Swett, Executive Director

    Representation: Elevator and Escalator transportation design professionals and private inspectors who provide independent consulting services to building owners, managers, architects, engineers and developers.

    Responsibility: Provides unbiased opinions and analysis relating to elevators/escalators independent of views expressed by manufacturing, sales or service organizations or local, state or federal agencies.

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    448 W. 19th St. #484 Houston, Texas, UNITED STATES 77008

    phone: view phone(713) 426-1662

    fax: view fax(713) 690-0004

    website: www.iaec.org

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      NAEC is a national association of elevator contractors, suppliers, and professionals serving primarily the interests of its members in regards to products and services; promoting safe and reliable elevator, escalator and short-range transportation and promoting excellence in the management of member companies.


      Contact: Teresa S. Witham, Executive Director

      President: John Sweeney

      Representation: Commercial, residential and freight elevator contractors, accessibility contractors, escalator contractors, manufacturers, suppliers, consultants, inspectors and institution representatives.

      Responsibility: Educational seminars, conventions, industry communications, certification program, trade show.

      Standing Committee: Codes and Standards, Education, Membership, Awards, Personnel Resource, Member Services, Nominating, and Exhibit Advisory

      1298 WELLBROOK CIRCLE NE Conyers, Georgia, UNITED STATES 30012

      phone: view phone(770) 760-9660 or 1-800-900...

      fax: view fax(770) 760-9714

      website: www.naec.org

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        ELEVATOR U (EU)

        EESF NAEC Elevator U IAEC NAESA


        Contact: See Board of Directors

        President: Terri Flint, University of Michigan

        Representation: Elevator U supports and encourages the exchange of ideas and information relative to vertical transportation in academic facilities. Membership includes university facility managers, consultants, vendors and others with ties to the industry.

        Standing Committee: 2013-2014 Board of Directors:

        Terri Flint (University of Michigan): President - tlflint@umich.edu
        Martin Culp (University of Maryland): Chairman of the Board, mculp@fm.umd.edu
        Bob Schumacher (Michigan State University): Vice President - rschumacher@ipf.msu.edu
        Steve Pydynowski (Illinois State University): Treasurer - SBPYDYN@ilstu.edu
        Brad O’Guynn (Elevator World): Secretary - brad@elevatorworld.com
        Tom Sybert (CJ Anderson): Director tom.sybert@cjanderson.us
        Don Ross (DH Ross Inspections): Director -DHROSSELEVINSP@MSN.COM
        Brad Haldeman (Penn State University): Director - blh12@psu.edu
        Glenn Duncan (PSI): Founding Director - partspec@flash.net

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        4751 N. Olcott Avenue Harwood Heights, Illinois, UNITED STATES 60706

        website: www.elevatoru.org

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          Elevator Riders Riding Club

          EESF NAEC Elevator U NAESA CECA IUEC

          The Elevator Riders Riding Club (ERRC) is a group consisting of vertical transportation industry members that combine their love for the elevator industry and their love for riding. Joining the ERRC is your chance to do both! The club puts on and encourages others to facilitate fundraising events to support the Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation.


          Contact: Glenn Duncan

          Representation: The ERRC is an international club consisting of vertical transportation members who love to ride and promote safety in our industry. Prospective members do not have to ride to join! Becoming a member helps to promote safety and support the EESF!

          Responsibility: Facilitates fundraising events/activities for the Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation, promotes safety initiatives and social gatherings for members.

          14639 Short Street Posen, Illinois, UNITED STATES 60469

          website: http://elevatorriders.com/

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            NEIEP was established in 1967 by Joint Agreement of the NEII and the IUEC for the purpose of providing an exclusive program for educating and training elevator constructor mechanics and helpers.


            Contact: John J. O’Donnell, National Director

            Representation: IUEC Mechanics and Helpers

            Responsibility: Training and education

            11 LARSEN WAY Attleboro Falls, Massachusetts, UNITED STATES 02763

            phone: view phone(508) 699-2200

            fax: view fax(508) 699-2495

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              in Associations

              KESI was established in 1992 by Korea Government and has 500 employees now. KESI has been dedicated to statutory inspection, education of inspectors and other elevator personnel, safety campaign, training and assistance in technological development to maintain elevator safety according to Law on the Manufacture and Management of Elevators.


              Contact: Sung-Min Park, Manager

              President: You Dae-Woon

              Responsibility: Safety Inspection, Accident Investigation, Standardization, Technical Services (Diagnosis, Supervision, Consulting, Appraisal), Statutory Education, Publications

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              352-5, YANG JAE 2-DONG Seocho-gu, SEOUL, KOREA, REPUBLIC OF (South Korea)

              phone: view phone+82 2-3463-8040-4

              fax: view fax+82 2-3497-8050

              website: http://www.kesi.or.kr

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                in Associations

                1801 ALEXANDER BELL DRIVE Reston, Virginia, UNITED STATES 20191-4400

                phone: view phone1-800-548-2723

                fax: view fax(703) 295-6371

                website: http://www.asce.org

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                  in Associations

                  Provides training forums related to amusement ride safety, administration, regulation and enforcement at all levels of city, county, state, provincial, U.S. and Canada. Fosters cooperation among regulatory officers themselves and between them and the many manufacturers, industrial, business and consumer interests affected by their official activities.


                  Contact: Leonard A. Cavalier, executive director

                  President: Joe Gallagher

                  Representation: Amusement ride safety

                  Responsibility: To promote communication between jurisdictions and to provide training to amusement ride safety inspectors.

                  Standing Committee: Inspector Certification/Ethics, Public Relations, Education Audit and Budget, Constitution, Codes and Standards, ASTM Liaison, Membership, Parks Carnivals & Expositions, Employee Safety

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                  P.O. BOX 638 Brandon, Florida, UNITED STATES 33509-0638

                  phone: view phone(813) 661-2779

                  fax: view fax(813) 685-5117

                  website: http://www.naarso.com

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                    in Associations by Barbara Allen


                    Incorporated in 1991 as a charitable foundation, dedicated to safety and education of the general public for the vertical transportation industry. Contributions are tax deductible in the year given. Original founders: NAEC, NEII, NAESA and ELEVATOR WORLD. For information, call toll-free at 1-800-949-6442.


                    Contact: Barbara Allen, Executive Director

                    President: John Koshak, Chairman

                    Representation: Membership open to all interested in promoting public awareness and safety. Actively solicits contributors for membership from the industry, users, user groups and other affiliates.

                    Responsibility: Our mission is to educate the public on the safe and proper use of elevators, escalators and moving walks through informational programs.

                    Standing Committee: Programs, Volunteers, Program Development, Fundraising, Administration, Public Relations

                    356 Morgan Avenue Mobile, Alabama, UNITED STATES 36606-1715

                    phone: view phone(251) 479-2199

                    fax: view fax(251) 479-7099

                    website: www.eesf.org, www.safetrid...

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