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November 2015

In tennis, there is a theory that rallying with a player far better than oneself will improve one’s game. Sometimes, this is true, as it drives the less skilled player to achieve feats he or she never thought possible.

The tennis analogy may be applied to the elevator industry in the U.A.E., where companies are “playing up” to fulfill developers’ ever-more-ambitious dreams. Competition is fierce here. When the world’s tallest building, the 828-m-tall Burj Khalifa in Dubai, was conceived in 2008, teams from the world’s biggest OEMs, such as KONE and Otis, got busy developing technologies for it, in the process bringing about a series of firsts: the first elevator to exceed 1 km in travel height, thanks to KONE’s new hoisting material UltraRopeTM (ELEVATOR WORLD, August 2013); and Otis’ fastest-ever double-deck elevator system with heat-resistant brakes made of advanced alloys – a feature that was necessary due to such weight descending at rapid speeds.


Online Extras

In addition to selected U.S. patents, this month includes:

  • An editorial on Seattle’s challenges with building vertically
  • Toshiba Elevator officials visit the DAMAC Heights site in Dubai and ThyssenKrupp showcases its recent mall projects in the U.A.E.

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