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June 2016 – Focus on Cab Aesthetics & Design Special Section

A Perfect Fit: SnapCab, Gorilla® Glass collaboration is hitting its stride, and the future looks bright.

Ask SnapCab Director of Architecture Evan Epstein to describe the growth of the elevator interior company’s collaboration with Corning Gorilla Glass (ELEVATOR WORLD, August 2014) in one word, and it is “explosive.” Cab panels made of the durable, versatile, lightweight, scratch-resistant glass (used for years to protect smartphones and tablets) are gaining traction among customers as they come to understand its benefits.


Online Extras

In addition to selected U.S. patents, this month includes:

  • Detailed diagrams of Jeddah Tower’s elevator designs
  • More photos from the IEE Expo
  • Full coverage of the CITAB-CTBUH 2016 China Tall Building Awards
  • A video on Ningbo Xinda Group

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