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August 15, 2018


Construction of two new elevators account for the lion’s share of CAD32-million (US$24.4-million) in upgrades that got underway on August 13 at the Berri-UQAM Société de transport de Montreal (STM) station, the busiest and largest in the metro system, the Montréal Gazette reports. The price tag is an estimated 25% higher than expected, due to the work being performed at night when the station is closed, a high number of construction projects increasing prices and excavation of bedrock at the lower levels of the station — which, at 27.4 m, is the second-deepest in the system. The project is expected to take two years but will not affect the approximately 37,300 passengers who enter each day.


The Equitable Building at 120 Broadway in Manhattan, New York, is getting a US$50-million facelift by owner Silverstein Properties. Once the world’s tallest office tower, it is home to such tenants as DTM Drafting & Consulting Services, Inc., which Silverstein has been using to consult on the building’s vertical transportation since 1981. Architecture firm Beyer Blinder Belle is another in-house contractor on the project. The concept is to elevate the building’s existing features and introduce new amenities for the building’s tenants and their 8,000 employees. Its rooftop will be open to tenants for the first time with an 8,000-sq.-ft. indoor tenant lounge and landscaped outdoor terrace on the 40th floor to span approximately 20,000 sq. ft. Among other work is new elevator cab finishes and fixtures, and additional elevator turnstiles. The Commercial Observer said the 40-story, 1.9-million-sq.-ft. building became “the definitive, undisputed symbol of thoughtfully designed architecture to accommodate the city and nation’s evolving economic landscape and new wave of blue- and white-collar workers” after its opening in 1915. It has held the title of a city landmark since 1996.


A girl was hospitalized with unknown injuries as a result of her leg becoming trapped in an inclined moving walk at a shopping mall in Guyuan in central China, various news outlets, including the Shanghaiist, reported on August 13. Surveillance video shows the girl step onto the unit with a companion and immediately fall through, her right leg becoming trapped. A woman tried unsuccessfully for about 20 s. to pull her out before a bystander pressed the emergency-stop button. Firefighters then arrived and were able to extract the girl.


The Grand Tower in Frankfurt, Germany, has topped out at 172 m, and when it makes its expected opening in July 2019, it will be the nation's tallest residential tower, Skyline Atlas reports. The 47-story building, designed by Magnus Kaminiarz & Cie and developed by GSP, cuts a slender figure on Frankfurt's skyline, and its large windows allow for what the source calls "airy and bright living." All floors have loggias, balconies or terraces, and a "honeycomb structure" that gives privacy and protection from wind and sun.


The Prism Tower, a 34-story steel-and-glass office building in Nairobi, Kenya, has opened to praise as the capital city's most beautiful skyscraper, Construction & Civil Engineering News reports. The tower incorporates a number of environmentally friendly systems and designs, including a rainwater retention system, said Vinayak Karambalkar, vice president for sales at Kings Developers, the company that led the project. Other features include large windows to make the most of natural light, column-free spaces and generous ceiling heights. Visitors will be subjected to security screenings, including metal detectors. The angular, irregular design suggests stacked prisms, an image that gave the tower its name.

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