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December 2017 Extras

• More photos from “A Change of Plans”

• A video on Seattle's Smith Tower historic elevator

Photo preview: Companies from Interlift supporting ''Efficiency of Lift Maintenance Enhanced by Digitalizing Data''

DECEMBER WEB EXCLUSIVE: “Connected, Controlled”


Patent #9809420: Compensatory Measure for Low Overhead or Low Pit Elevator

Patent #9809424: Method and an Elevator Arrangement

Patent #9809426: Low-Speed Brake Apparatus for Escalator

Patent #9815665: Battery Mounting in Elevator Hoistway

Patent #9815666: Emergency Movement Device for an Elevator or Lift

Patent #US20170073192A1: Electric Elevator Pad Extraction and Retraction System

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Patent #9809420

Patent #9809424

Patent #9809426

Patent #9815665

Patent #9815666

Patent #US 2017/0073192 A1