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June 2017 Extras

• More photos from "Doing Things Differently" and this month's Last Glance

• Photos from Special Section articles "University Cab Interiors from Eklund's," "UNCC Elevator Renovation" and a live stream of the work at the University of Virginia

• A video explaining the Schindler Ahead system

• A History article relating to James Filippone’s Comment on McLauthlin Elevator Co.

• JUNE WEB EXCLUSIVE: "Seamless," the Renovation of ASU Gammage


Patent #9643816: Method & device for determining the replacement state of wear of a support means of an elevator

Patent #9643817: Elevator Arrangement

Patent #9643818: Double-decker Elevator with Adjustable Inner-cap Spacing

Patent #9643820: Device for Preventing Travel of an Elevator with its Doors Open

Patent #9643822: Pallet of a Moving Walkway or Step for an Escalator

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Patent #9643816

Patent #9643817

Patent #9643818

Patent #9643820

Patent #9643822