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Title: Water Hydraulic - Birdcage Elevator Restoration
Author: Jason M. Sakowski
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Category: Elevators (Commercial)
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Description: In coordination with Action Elevator Company, CabCraft Interiors, Inc. was provided with 100 year old components from 2 turn of the century water hydraulic elevators with original birdcage enclosures. CabCraft was asked to design, engineer, and then manufacture new code compliant elevator cab enclosures that could incorporate the original birdcage components. Original parts were degreased and sandblasted to remove 100 years of paint. Parts were then welded and custom powder coated to restore them to their original luster. Cross head height limitations presented a challenge so the new elevator canopy and upper wall sections were manufactured around the original birdcage cartop and set into place as 1 single component. The original cage wall panel sections were then incorporated into the new cherry veneer interior panel system. The finished product was nothing short of spectacular and pays tribute to the buildings original design and history. Side Note: During this modernization the original water hydraulic elevators were converted to standard hydro's by Action Elevator Company, but the building owners chose to leave the original water hydraulic machines in place. The equipment was glassed in and is proudly displayed on the lower level or the hotel for public view.