EW is pleased to present the 2021 Project of the Year contest winners.

In this issue, EW is pleased to present the 2021 Project of the Year contest winners. As always, submissions were impressive, and judging was difficult. In a world largely in pandemic lockdown, the entries were surprisingly plentiful and mentally took us to such amazing locations as ancient fortresses on hillsides in Turkey and Italy; mansions in locations like New York state, New Hampshire and the Florida Keys; a museum celebrating a Romanian sculptor; and the bustling streets of Hong Kong and Jerusalem. Here, vertical-transportation companies, from major OEMs to smaller independents, created unique, robust, attractive elevator, escalator, moving-walk and lift systems that provide access and mobility in some of the most interesting and populated places on Earth. The contenders faced many challenges: harsh weather, rugged terrain and shifting specifications, to name a few. More often than not, the depth of these challenges and how they were successfully addressed pushed winners ahead of the rest — by very thin margins. Decisions had to be made, however, and an ultimate winner was selected in each category. Winners have been presented with plaques commemorating their outstanding work.

The EW staff and judges appreciate the many entrants and their participation. We hope readers will enjoy some of our industry’s most significant accomplishments from the past year. Start thinking now of any noteworthy projects your company is working on that may be eligible for entry in next year’s competition. The project should be composed of a vertical, horizontal or inclined transportation system consisting of an innovative design, special application or approach that solved major problems or overcame unique challenges.

Complete contest entry details are available at elevatorworld.com/poy. The submission deadline is September 30, 2021. The transportation-system portion of the project must have been completed within two years of the opening of the contest (April 2019 or later).