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Art and Transparency

Gritti Morosini Palace is a building of historical and architectural value bound by the Superintendence of Archeology, Fine Arts and Landscape for the City of Venice and Lagoon. It was presumably built in the 16th century in Campo Sant'Angelo, Venice, Italy. The four-floor work of art is used as an office and served by an autonomous staircase. The other three floors are private residences with a common staircase.

Residents' age and health made it necessary to overcome the architectural barriers of the building, but the constraints were many: the entire cloister was frescoed, the pit could not be deeper than 15-20 cm, and the headroom could not exceed the height of 240-250 cm (that of the skylight). For architect Ugo Camerino, designer of the installation, the elevator had to have minimal visual impact and considerable freedom of form. ALBATROSSNET, coordinated by its director (and project manager of this installation) Marco Baldelli, interpreted Camerino's skilled, knowledgeable idea with a lift made 100% in Italy.

The mechanics and the cab were connected to a full-height carpentry structure covered in Rimex Metals' SuperMirror stainless steel. The landing doors and glass curtain walls (extra-clear tempered stratified) were suspended from the skylight by means of stainless-steel cables.

Even the landing doors have been designed with panels in extra-clear stratified glass, while landings on floors 2 and 3 are in opaque black so as to "disappear." Finally, the cabin was built following with the walls all in extra-clear stratified glass, with the walkway and roof covered in SuperMirror stainless steel with a matte black floor.

The elevator is equipped with an internal lighting system along the perimeter of its walls. It gives the volume of the car an appearance of lightness, as opposed to illumination of the entire ceiling surface of the car. The car ceiling is a fully transparent glass panel.


Fabio Pellegrini has been a sales agent for ALBATROSSNET since October 2017. He has been in the industry since January 1990, serving as sales manager and area manager for GRUPPO MILLEPIANI S.p.a. and CENTODUCATI S.p.a., respectively. He also worked in the export department of CAVOTEC SPECIMAS S.p.a. and Schindler S.p.a. Italy.


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