Escalators: CGI Animation Shows How They Work

Jared Owens uses computer-generated animation (CGI) to show how things work. Escalators are one of his latest topics, and the video he narrates is clear and informative — ideal for children and even adult professionals who want to brush up on their vertical-transportation knowledge. In the video, he provides a brief history of escalators and how the technology evolved, and describes different equipment configurations and the reasons for them. Check it out and get an inside, up-close look at components like step chains, track systems, gears, roller chains and handrails, and they all fit together like a puzzle to enhance efficiency and promote safety. More of Owens’ work can be found on his YouTube channel.

Fun Elevator Infographic from Our Canadian Friends

Hamilton, Canada-based Alcor Elevator recently shared a fun elevator infographic with us that’s ideal for young, future elevator-industry professionals. Family-owned and -operated Alcor offers an array of maintenance, modernization and new installation packages to its southern Ontario customers, and states that “elevating devices are our passion.” That’s clear in the infographic, which uses uses colorful, clever, eye-catching cartoons to illustrate fun facts and safety do’s and don’t. Check out the cartoon for “Don’t engage in horseplay,” which elicited a chuckle from your author.

Elevator Thriller Gets Stephen King Stamp of Approval

Elevator Pitch is a new novel that “does for elevators what Psycho did for showers and Jaws did for the beach,” according to author Linwood Barclay’s website. These do not seem to be empty words from someone with a vested interest, considering renowned writer Stephen King urged people to “read Elevator Pitch as soon as possible,” calling it “one hell of a suspenseful novel.”

The publication Facilitiesnet observes the thriller uses elevator accidents as a “terrifying” plot device as an unknown killer terrorizes Manhattan by using elevators to murder people, leaving the mayor to decide whether to shut all 70,000 of the city’s commercial elevators down. We here in the “elevator world” know that elevators are among the safest methods of travel, but still, the book looks fun and received positive reviews. If you happen to read it, let us know what you think!