Band’s “Elevator Sessions” Spread Smiles in San Francisco

Beleaguered, achy and sweaty after holiday shopping, imagine you step into an elevator and encounter a five-piece bluegrass band belting out an upbeat, rocking rendition of the Beatles’ Eleanor Rigby. That’s exactly what happened to shoppers in a San Francisco Macy’s recently, courtesy of local band The Brothers Comatose, consisting of brothers Ben and Alex Morrison, who play guitar and banjo, respectively, rounded out by a trio of gents on bass, violin and mandolin. The spectacle is part of the group’s Elevator Sessions series, in which they surprise riders with impromptu performances. These “brothers” are the antithesis and comatose, smiling and interacting with riders and they masterfully harmonize. It’s clear the band members were thrilled to help spread smiles during the sometimes stressful holiday season. They even stopped to pose with Santa. Check out their Eleanor Rigby cover below!

Some Say He’s Still There …

In the wild, often wonderful world of Reddit, there’s a subreddit page titled Maybe Maybe Maybe that shares a stream of videos, which ALL must be titled Maybe Maybe Maybe, showing gifs of situations such as people narrowly escaping collisions with vehicles (or not), nailing that dramatic gymnastics trick (or not) and, of course, plenty of situations cats, dogs and other animals get themselves into. Occasionally, vertical transportation is involved, such as this one in which a cat makes it way down — but not all the way down — an upward-moving escalator. As is often the case with Reddit, the best parts are in the Comments. On this one, one commenter cleverly remarked, “Some say he’s still there,” presumably continuously trying to reach his destination. It also includes remarks about pets and elevator/escalator safety, pointing out that cats and dogs should be carried on escalators, if they are on them at all. Let’s hope this little guy (or gal) made it out of this situation OK!

Escalators: CGI Animation Shows How They Work

Jared Owens uses computer-generated animation (CGI) to show how things work. Escalators are one of his latest topics, and the video he narrates is clear and informative — ideal for children and even adult professionals who want to brush up on their vertical-transportation knowledge. In the video, he provides a brief history of escalators and how the technology evolved, and describes different equipment configurations and the reasons for them. Check it out and get an inside, up-close look at components like step chains, track systems, gears, roller chains and handrails, and they all fit together like a puzzle to enhance efficiency and promote safety. More of Owens’ work can be found on his YouTube channel.