Enter the Dragon

Photo by Damien Day via Atlas Obscura

Atlas Obscura recently wrote about an escalator we hadn’t seen before. Only 85 km or so from Beijing, Longqing Gorge may feature China’s largest dam, but the bigger draw for some of us is its long escalator escalator system shrouded by an aggressive-looking dragon. It takes visitors up a staggering 258 m to the top of the dam. Is that a world record, as the article says, or is it still the Central-Mid-Levels system in Hong Kong?

Not only do you get to ride the escalators and see the damn at the gorge, a cable car and boats can be rode, and you can even bungee jump. Getting down is only by one of those ways, or by the stairs or a toboggan, because this wyvern only winds upward.

A Different Kind of Elevator Museum

A peek at the intimate display; photo by Adrienne Grunwald for The New York Times

Though ELEVATOR WORLD readers may be familiar with museums that preserve elevator history, Alex Kalman’s “Mmuseumm” is a 36-sq.-ft. showroom inside an NYC freight elevator. “That is one-eighteen-thousandth the size of the Met,” The New York Times recently reported. “The only thing that is oversized about it is the name: Mmuseumm, with a couple of extra ‘m’s.'”

As you might expect, Kalman has expansion plans. Though he cannot build a wing onto his museum, he’s looking at another small space down the block: a storefront with a roll-up metal gate.

Be there tonight at Cortlandt Alley in TriBeCa for the opening ceremonies to this year’s season with an eclectic collection. They begin at 7 p.m. sharp, according to the Mmuesumm website.

Can We Just Stand?

Financial news network Cheddar’s recent video on escalator riding makes a good case for making them more efficient. Looking at the history of the escalator, how passengers insist on using it and how different riding rules have been tried around the world, it’s pretty thought-provoking (at least for a non-industry piece). I’d just like to point out a caveat: these examples are geared only toward high-volume transit escalators. (Oh, and make sure to read the excellent comments below the video!)