Newlyweds stuck in elevator

Getting stuck in an elevator doesn’t sound like an ideal way to spend one’s wedding day. But, Vanessa and Kyle didn’t fret too much afterward. They did, however, avoid elevators for the remainder of their special day and their honeymoon. The story goes like this, after the wedding ceremony the wedding party decided to take a party bus around town to take pictures and kill some time before the formal reception. They (20 people) piled into an elevator. The doors closed, they pushed a button, the elevator moved a little, then stopped. Soon after they realized they had surpassed the elevator’s weight capacity.

According to the bride, they were rescued some 25 minutes later via an emergency exit door in the ceiling. Firefighters lowered a ladder from which everyone climbed to exit the elevator. According to this article by the Journal Standard, the bride remembers her escape, “When it was my turn, I looked up at the small opening thinking there was no way my dress would fit through that. Each step up the ladder I had to readjust my dress, because it kept getting caught under my shoes. Finally, I was close enough that the firefighters could just take my hands and pull me straight up.”

Maybe this elevator mishap means the happy couple will have a marriage full of excitement. Cheers to the newlyweds!

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