Otis Elevators in Empire State Building Get Their Due in New Exhibit

On July 29, visitors to the world-famous Empire State Building in NYC have the opportunity to embark on a “journey from the building’s construction to its place in pop culture today.” For elevator (and history, design and technology) enthusiasts, that journey includes a brand-new Otis display, which Otis states “showcases our rich history with this iconic building, as well as our latest technology that transports more than 10 million people each year . . . .” A few years ago, Otis won a hotly competitive contract to modernize the 68-elevator system, a job that included restoration of the Art Deco elevator lobby. At the time, it was the biggest elevator modernization in Otis’ 158-year history. Available with the purchase of a ticket to the Empire State Building’s 86th-floor observatory, the Otis elevator display allows guests to walk through a simulation of an elevator shaft. The display showcases not only how the original elevators operated, but the new technology installed. The new 2nd Floor Exhibits also include vivid, action-packed looks at the site in the 1920s, construction of the buildings, major tenant spaces, most famous celebrity visitors (with signed memorabilia) and, of course, King Kong!! If you’re in NYC, be sure to check it out.

A virtual elevator shaft can be experienced as part of Otis’ new display in the 2nd Floor Exhibits at the Empire State Building in NYC; image courtesy of Empire Realty Trust.
Otis’ new display in the Empire State Building’s 2nd Floor Exhibits offer a trip through time and an in-depth look at the landmark’s elevator system; image courtesy of Empire Realty Trust.

“I Can’t See the Top of the Empire State Building”

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Today is Patriot Day, marking 14 years since the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon and the loss of Flight 93 in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. The 9/11 Memorial, Pentagon Memorial and the Flight 93 National Memorial all serve to help heal our wounds by remembering and honoring the dead. Standing at a symbolic 1,776 ft., One World Trade Center is a testament to the resilience and tenacity of the American people.

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Empire State Building To Celebrate Anniversary – Part 2

To further elaborate on Liz’s blog post from last week, Otis is currently modernizing the Empire State Building’s elevator system. Did you know that Otis installed the Empire State Building’s original elevator system in 1931? Take a look back at the extraordinary process below.  Video uploaded from the Otis Elevator Company’s YouTube page.