Riled Rodent Shocks Shoppers

A frame taken from video shows the moment a rat leaps toward a man who was trying to walk past it on an escalator at a shopping mall in Manila, Philippines; image from

Shoppers at a mall in Manila, Philippines, were forced to face their fear recently when a manic rat aggressively charged them as they walked down a stopped escalator, the Daily Mail reports. Video posted on the newspaper’s website shows the rat lunging at people as they try to make their way past, prompting the shoppers to jump and sidestep their way to safety. After giving several of the shoppers what appears to have been the jolt of their lives, the restive rodent is seen running down and off the escalator and under a nearby rack of clothing. No reason was given for the escalator being stopped.

“Welcome to Elevator World”

“Welcome to Elevator World.” So opens Mitchell Rose’s 1999 “computer-animated essay on the spatial politics of elevator riding.” In 2000, it won the Grand Prize for Best Short at the Slamdance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.

You can see more of Rose’s films at his website,

Wedding Party Gets Stuck in Elevator

It sounds like the start of a bad joke: A couple, their parents and a rabbi walk into an elevator…. But it’s actually a real-life story.
ABC News originally reported on a wedding couple and their entire wedding party getting stuck in an elevator just minutes before the ceremony.
Liz Copeland¬†and Harry Stein entered the elevator to go down to the Potomac Riverfront in Alexandria, Vir. Following them were their parents, grandparents, two wedding photographers, a rabbi and a wedding planner. This amounted to 24 people total.¬†Stein told ABC News that elevator was “pretty big” because the venue for their wedding was an old torpedo factory.
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