Inaugural Elevator Industry Safety Summit Boasts Escalators that Work! (and are lovely)

NAESA International’s inaugural Elevator Industry Safety Summit drew approximately 200 professionals to the Sheraton Grand Phoenix on May 21-23 for two days packed full of excellent presentations about elevator/escalator equipment and practices to prevent injury and save lives. At the end of the event, participants’ applause let organizer Bob Shepherd, NAESA executive director, know they definitely would like to see the event continue. The host hotel provided expansive ballrooms to accommodate the presentations, as well as impressive vertical-transportation systems. In addition to a Schindler destination-dispatch elevator system, Sheraton Grand Phoenix boasted an impressive bank of Otis escalators with lovely art installations. For whatever reason, at least one escalator at industry events your author has attended over the past several years has been out of service, so it was nice to see a system that was not only beautiful, but in perfect working order!


Phoenix Pin Tower


Danish architectural firm BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group) has unveiled a unique design for a 70,000 square foot observation tower in Phoenix, Arizona.  “The Pin”, as the tower has been nicknamed,  will stand at over 420 feet tall and feature a spiraling, spherical observation deck offering 360-degree views of downtown Phoenix.  The tower will be built using reinforced concrete and will be accessible by three glass elevators. Like the Guggenheim Museum in New York, visitors to the tower will be encouraged to take an elevator to the very top of the structure and then make their way down the sphere and enjoy Phoenix’s spectacular views from open air platforms.  The project is estimated to cost $60 million and will be Phoenix’s second tallest tower, standing slightly less tall than the 483-foot Chase Tower.  For more renderings of the tower and additional information click here.