The New Movie “Devil”

A colleague was just in my office and asked what I was doing.  I replied “I’m about to blog about the trailer for Devil, a new movie produced by M. Night Shyamalan about some people trapped in an elevator and one of them is the devil.” His response? “Is this a joke?”  Well folks, Devil is no joke.  This weekend I went to the movie theater to watch Inception (which was great by the way) and before the main movie began there was a preview of this new movie.   You can watch the trailer below.  My guess is Nicholas White, the guy who was trapped in a New York City elevator for 41 hours in 2008, is probably gonna skip this one.  So, let us know your thoughts and if you will go and see this movie by posting a comment!

3 thoughts on “The New Movie “Devil”

  1. Well I do intent to go and see this movie at some point when it is released but I am in thought of to who is the “Devil” in this movie? The trailer does look intresting to an extent but it does not really spark and fire like how I felt when “Signs” was about to release. Either way all be there..

  2. This preview I saw as well and I have watchedthe trailer views , so yes I am curious as well and I believe its the female , that said , ”DO I LOOK LIKE A THREAT” so we shall see i can’t wait.

    Later everyone….

  3. Well I will be going to see this movie tomorrow and I think it is going to be great!
    Though the movie I will try and find out who is the devil!
    I’ll get back and comment on the movie tomorrow!

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