Tweets of the Week

@CheeseMomMari:  Rode the oldest elevator in Miami Beach today! #shiptagram #tattoodnurse

@kitttykat18:  Decided to walk up the stairs to the 3rd floor instead of taking the elevator today, worst decision ever #outofbreath #neveragain

@Mere_Death:  On my top one hundred list of things I don’t wanna see in the elevator of a ten story building.

@kimknewkirk:  I held the elevator door for a lady today. She was surprised. I want a world where people aren’t surprised by #kindness. Make it the norm.

@aaronmorton:  So long Portland Hilton. Your seductive elevator voice will be with me forever.

@traceychurray:  I officially became a New Yorker today – I sent out my laundry AND got stuck in an elevator.

@miss_thacker:  Got on the elevator with my Captain America shield & when some guy got on with me he tipped his hat & said “Good morning, Captain” #greatest

@AlexMares50:  pajama bottoms & backpack; getting into a packed elevator with them all rocking business suits and leather briefcases felt very collegiate

@metromorning: Stand on the escalator when you should be walking? Riding your bike on the sidewalk? You get a card. Love this idea: …

@peterjames48:  Shoutout to whoever spilled hazelnut coffee on the elevator for motivating me to take the stairs.

@grasshopper08:  Theres always that one guy on the escalator that thinks he has to prove to the world how in shape he is by walking up it #juststandbro

@jmlane26:  Omg this elevator smells like french fries and diapers. #2morefloors

@CateMHerring:  I am absolutely terrified of clowns and I was just stuck on an elevator with two of them… #justmyluck #mylifeispain

@00_showtime:  Opened the elevator and… “Finders keepers, losers weepers”

@youngcableknit:  thanks for pushing the up button, guy. I hadn’t thought to do that for the 2 minutes I was waiting for this elevator before you arrived.

@HodgyMitre:  i wish i had an elevator that went from my bed to the shower

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