Where’s the Cow Hide Hiding?

A leather-walled elevator in the Bentley Hotel in Manhattan’s Upper East Side

I came across the above elevator interior When in NYC for the International Association of Elevator Consultants New York Region 26th Annual Fundraiser for the Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation (look for my story on it in the November issue). You don’t see many like it — walled in (probably synthetic) leather and rivets — and I wondered why. The material gave the cab sophistication despite its age and openness despite its color.

Sadly, you don’t see a lot of leather elevator interiors, even as Google Images search results. One, however, is the below pic from the Luxury in Design blog. This one shows a quilted design that highlights the versatility of the material. So, why isn’t it used much in elevators? It obviously wouldn’t be cheap, but there are plenty of applications for which money’s not much of an object.

A cab in the Soho Beach House in Miami Beach

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