The city’s skyline rarely changes, but the new Zero2One tower is set to shake things up

by Shem Oirere, EW Correspondent

The skyline of Cape Town, a port city on South Africa’s southwest coast, is set to change in coming months as plans for the construction of the city’s tallest building solidify. Building of the 221-m-tall Zero2One skyscraper by 2021 may be a game changer in the city’s skyline appearance, which has recorded long stretches of time between high-rise construction. This is likely a result of constrained land resources within the city, as well as the approval process for the erection of new housing structures by the City of Cape Town, a metropolitan municipality that governs the city and its suburbs and exurbs.
For example, the approval for the construction of the US$98-million Zero2One skyscraper, which is being developed by FWJK and designed by urban designer and spatial planner GAPP Architects, has come nearly five years since the completion of the city’s current tallest building, Portside Tower, a 139-m-tall mixed-use building considered one of Africa’s most sustainable.