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Codes and Standards

The Role of Risk Assessment in Innovative Product Development

How this critical methodology ensures safety and facilitates innovative product development worldwide by Louis Bialy Risk assessment has ...
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Reducing Risk

Codes and standards provide a roadmap for maintenance and inspection as protective measures. by Louis Bialy Maintenance and ...
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Breaking Up Is Hard — and There’s No Standard Formula

Among the questions most frequently asked by Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) members about the implications ...
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Establishing an Elevator Compliance Organization

An elevator, or lift, is a type of vertical transportation that moves people or goods between floors of ...
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Consultant’s Perspective

Impact of Cultures on Elevatoring

Differences between norms in the U.S., U.K. and elsewhere are explored. by TAK Mathews In 1853, Elisha Graves ...
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Deadweight Dead Wrong?

Many elevators are heavier than indicated in their documentation by Richard Blaska As elevator systems age, the need ...
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Mandatory Maintenance

Today’s best practices call for frequent technician visits and following the MCP. by John W. Koshak In 2000, ...
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Educational Book Chapters

Educational Focus – Chapter 19

Click the image to read the full chapter Elevator management systems with traffic analysis capabilities are a common component in ...
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Educational Focus – Chapter 18

Click the image to read the full chapter To many people in the industry, freight-elevator-door control systems seem complex. When ...
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Educational Focus – Chapter 17

Click the image to read the full chapter In many areas of technology today, it is entirely natural to observe ...
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Educational Focus – Chapter 16

Click the image to read the full chapter Introduction Accidents caused at the elevator door entranceway are either caused by ...
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Educational Focus – Chapter 15

Click the image to read the full chapter Qualitative elevator performance analysis is becoming increasingly important. Until now, elevator performance ...
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Special Sections -Paid Content

Project of the Year Winners

EW is pleased to present the 2020 Project of the Year contest winners in this issue. We received many outstanding ...
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Focus on Emerging Technology

Ensuring Long-Term IIOT Success What to know and ask when considering digital transformation by Guneet Bedi The benefits of undertaking ...
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The People Issue 2019

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Special Regional Section: The South

Click Here to Read The South: Special Regional Section
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Special Regional Section: The Midwest

Click Here to Read The Midwest: Special Regional Section
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Project of the Year 2019

EW is pleased to present the 2019 Project of the Year contest winners in this issue. We received many outstanding ...
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Special Section – Canada

Our “well-behaved” neighbor to the north is the second-largest country in the world. Since almost 90% of Canada is uninhabitable, ...
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2020 Vision: Hindsight and Foresight

A look back at an EW initiative shows many VT predictions have been realized in the last 25 years or ...
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The Westinghouse Electric Stairway

A look back at a time when a new challenger arrived as competition to the original Otis Escalator by Dr. ...
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Hawkins Electrical Guide

Early 20th century publisher sought to explain practical applications of electricity in a 10-volume series by Dr. Lee Gray, EW ...
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What’s in a Word?

The first multilanguage technical dictionaries were rich visual resources in small packages. by Dr. Lee Gray, EW Correspondent In 1906, ...
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Control and Safety (With A Twist Of The Wrist)

A rare case of complexity finding success is described in this historical look at the Randall elevator door controller. by ...
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Hazard Assessments — Assume Nothing

OSHA has long had a regulation that requires employers to “assess the workplace to determine if hazards are present, or ...
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Maintenance & Modernization

What’s New in Modernization

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Energy and Operational Saving Strategies

Benefits of modernization projects for escalator and moving walk drives by Alfonso Molina-Spínola Most vertical-transportation industry stakeholders — and people ...
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Periodic Maintenance and Modernization of Elevator Doors

by Ömer Gürkan Gürbüz   “Periodic maintenance” refers to the maintenance processes carried out periodically — typically, every month — ...
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Elevator Drive Maintenance

How to extend the life of VFDs, including an overview of maintenance inspection points and procedures Everyone in the elevator ...
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The Care and Feeding of Escalators and Moving Walks

In this Industry Dialogue, an expert shares his informed opinions with EW. If anybody knows escalators and moving walks, it’s ...
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Market Trends

Cape Town Is Rising

The city’s skyline rarely changes, but the new Zero2One tower is set to shake things up by Shem Oirere, EW ...
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A Shining Star in Nairobi

Weak office market fails to prevent an efficient, flexible tower with a Schindler VT system from earning CTBUH award. by ...
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Land of Opportunity

Despite challenges, the future looks bright for Ghana’s VT market. by Shem Oirere, EW Correspondent Ghana, a former British colony ...
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Cautiously Optimistic

OEMs and independents paint a picture of the Midwest that reveals market trends that promise to drive steady growth for ...
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U.A.E. Seeing Lots of Activity

Abu Dhabi and Dubai are bustling, with projects announced, ongoing and handed over. One of the handed-over projects is the ...
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Project Spotlight

A Spectacular Ride

Mitsubishi Electric spiral escalator, the first in the U.S. Midwest, helps distinguish the largest Starbucks in the world on Chicago’s ...
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A Remarkable Milestone in Stockholm

thyssenkrupp delivers largest-ever Sweden order to new mixed-use city block, Urban Escape. by Kaija Wilkinson The installations incorporate lots of ...
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Nestled on a street known as Apple of Discord in Barcelona, Spain, Casa Batlló is a house borne of romance ...
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Amos Rex: Futuristically Embracing the Past

New, carefully applied technology blends with the 1930s aesthetics of a Helsinki heritage building. A one-of-a-kind building opened in the ...
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Westend Gate

With a height of 159 m and 47 floors, the Westend Gate in Frankfurt, Germany, is an unmistakable part of ...
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Voluntary Egress Elevators: Enhancements to the 2004 CTBUH Guideline

Updates are evidence of efforts by several vertical-transportation organizations to solve barriers to public safety in new and even existing ...
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Panoramic Car Safety

Engineering study considers attributes of SGP with directly mounted handrails. by Dr. Iraklis Chatziparasidis and Dr. Dimitrios Giagopoulos This article ...
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Your Safety Manager Is on Your Side

Did you ever wonder what it takes to be a safety manager in today’s elevator industry? Well, we can tell ...
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Integrated Safety Valves for Unintended Car Movement

An additional unintended-car-movement (UCM) safety requirement has been mandatory for new elevators and major modernizations since January 1, 2012, per ...
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Protect Yourself

Maintaining a safe environment for employees, contractors and other visitors to your facility or jobsite is an essential element of ...
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Fulfilling the Potential of DD DCS

The double-deck destination-control system (DD DCS) combines two well-known approaches to boost morning up-peak traffic in office buildings and save ...
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Harmonized Elevator Dispatching and Passenger Interfaces

Introduction and Credits This article is based on an unpublished paper, “Intent of Specifications for Harmonized Dispatching — Groups of ...
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Encoder Position for PM Motors

Permanent-magnet (PM) motors have become popular options in elevator applications over the years due to their increased efficiency and performance ...
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Can a Motor Drive Harm an Elevator or Escalator System?

Most modern elevator electric motors run via a variable-frequency drive (VFD) for AC motors and a DC controller (usually silicon-controlled-rectifier ...
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Escalator Truss Design

Escalator trusses are manufactured for the installation of subsystems, such as the motor, gearbox and control panel. Every nonstandard truss ...
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Elevator World Publisher for International Building Transportation

Attorney Weighs in on Elevator Safety Act

David Perecman (DP), founder and lead trial attorney at NYC-based The Perecman Firm, talks to your author (KW) about the ...
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High-Rise Escape

Students create award-winning rescue-drone concept inspired by Aladdin’s magic carpet. By Matt Irvin High-rise buildings can be interesting and exciting ...
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Hitachi Elevators for “Cyberpunk” Architectural Jewel

ZHA-designed Leeza SOHO is OEM's first collaboration with developer. submitted by Hitachi Elevator ZHA-designed Leeza SOHO in Beijing Leeza SOHO ...
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Emporis Skyscraper Award

Recognition shines spotlight on architectural achievements worldwide.Design is a funny word by Kaija Wilkinson MGM Cotai; image courtesy of KPF ...
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How to Prep Your Elevator Installation With a Jackhammer

In this Readers' Platform, the merits of clearing a site with a jackhammer are explored by Chris Galloway In every ...
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Readers Platform

The Impact of Pre-Stretching on Elevator Ropes

In this Readers Platform, the authors examine whether factory-stretched ropes deliver desired results. by Konrad Stahr and Dr. Andreas Franz ...
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The Hydraulic Crossroads

In this Readers Platform, the author makes the case that the hydraulic-elevator segment is alive and well. by Emery Thran ...
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