Measures to control traffic flow during the pandemic

submitted by Elevating Studio Pte. Ltd.

This guideline explains the technical aspects of and considerations for using elevators during the COVID-19 pandemic. We provide options that allow social distancing in elevators and examine the impacts these measures have on building usage, traffic and average wait time (AWT). The guideline focuses primarily on office elevators, but many of the measures and recommendations can be applied to elevators in other types of buildings.
Keeping a safe social distance during the pandemic is one of the fundamental measures to curb the spread of the virus. Depending on country, the recommended social distance is 1-2m. However, maintaining social distance in an elevator is not easy. Taking an elevator is very common for most people. Most of us are accustomed to standing much closer to each other in an elevator than we would in a larger space. Lastly, the psychology of lockdown — and the psychology of social- distancing measures post-lockdown — suggests that sticking to the rules gets harder the longer the crisis persists. Hence, if we want to ensure social-distancing practices are applied in elevators sustainably, we must apply special measures."