“A Cleaner Future”

by Kaija Wilkinson

SnapCab provides pre-engineered elevator interior kits that can be installed in less than a day. Flexible designs use SnapCab’s patented interlocking paneling system, allowing elevator mechanics to follow a simple process. Building on a successful partnership with Corning® Gorilla® Glass (ELEVATOR WORLD, June 2016), Warrington, Pennsylvania-headquartered SnapCab is focusing its efforts on adjusting its offerings to assist in germ mitigation. Gorilla Glass is a big part of that, as it is a nonporous, easy-to-clean material that is paired with stainless steel and other nonporous materials in several SnapCab models. SnapCab is working with a national supplier to provide antimicrobial coatings for their cab interiors. “We’ve been talking with suppliers and vendors we’ve built long-term relationships with, as well as those we’re just getting to know, to find solutions we are confident will easily and thoroughly keep elevator interiors clean,” Product Manager Brian Godshall says. “We are continuing to look into R&D for ways to create a
cleaner future.”