Proper maintenance improves equipment quality and, thus, the industry’s reputation.

  • Smart Step Measures Escalators’ Heartbeats
  • Maintenance, the Correct Approach to Raise the Quality
  • How to Set the Escalator Main Drive Chain

This article is a study showing the type and category of data we at Tube Lines Specialist Services obtained from our “smart step” invention. Though it was explained in 2008,[1] no other publication since has been made on it. The traces of the data from the step are systematic, consistent, repeatable and reliable. They can support many areas in the escalator industry, such as design, maintenance, refurbishment and asset management. Our hope is that this article will open a new chapter in studying the behavior and pattern of escalator operation and maintenance.

We have been using the smart step as a vital and critical tool in maintenance. We also have used it to check and verify the quality of newly installed escalators. The smart step has also been used as a detection tool to, for example, determine the impact of ground movements on escalator structural integrity during major ground (civil) works near escalators.