A celebration of expansion and change for a venerable Italian brand

by Lee Freeland

Giovenzana International B.V. held an extensive press conference at its offices in Lecco, Italy, on February 20. Called "A NEW ERA: Even More BLACK & YELLOW!" it detailed the company's expansion at the European and international levels. First, it opened a new sales office in Turkey and a second production unit in Hungary. Also, its existing production unit in Italy has been integrated with a new automatic warehouse, which includes an automatic storage system with high load capacity and high reliability. The company says it provides such advantages as optimization of space and efficiency, control of storage and flows, better inventory management, the elimination of errors, automated operations and reduction of operators' risks.

Giovenzana said many years of experience in the automation, lift, handling-system and equipment-for-potentially-explosive-atmospheres sectors have helped it make safe products sold in 75 countries. It credits part of the big changes it made over the last year to having devoted 2018 to major investments.

A new minimalistic expo booth design has a striking black-and-yellow look the company says imparts "a strong chromatic impact." This corporate identity style will be seen at exhibitions around the world. It also plans to add interactive and immersive experiences when it exhibits at such events as Asansör Istanbul, the Lift Road Show in Brazil, LIFTEX in the U.K., Russian Elevator Week, the National Association of Elevator Contractors Exhibition in the U.S. and Interlift in Germany, among many other locales.

Sixty-plus-year-old Giovenzana said it "has always been considered a point of reference in establishing the application standards for components for cartop devices, under-car devices and pit bottom controls." It has many partnerships with industry companies, and its products are part of the Eiffel Tower and Burj Khalifa. It added that its philosophy is based on continuous R&D of advanced components in both active and passive safety. Its products comply with EN 81-20 and -50, ASME A17.5/CSA B44.1, and the Russian GOST33984.1.


Giovenzana's global nature is apparent.


The company offers pit bottom push-button stations, recall drive control units and inspection boxes, and will be designing even more products in 2019, which it called "the beginning of a new era."


A new conference hall was set up in Giovenzana's Italian production facility. It is connected directly to the new automatic warehouse by two floor-to-ceiling windows.


The new automatic warehouse handles several thousand pallets daily, optimizing logistics management.


The second manufacturing unit in Hungary is primarily responsible for the assembly of lift components and has been operating nearly a year.


Giovenzana has begun promoting "Connecting People: Italian Excellence Lifts the World," which are meetings around the world in collaboration with other Italian elevator-related companies.