Euro-Lift 2012

by John Gale


The EURO-LIFT 2012 elevator expo was held in the central Polish city of Kielce on October 24-26, 2012. The event provided the opportunity to present many lift products to Polish contractors, specifiers and users of lift and escalator equipment. This is particularly important now in Poland, as much modernization and upgrading of lift equipment is required to conform to European Union (EU) directives, along with the surge of new developments initiated by EU membership. Also, the Safety Norm for Existing Lifts initiative is just starting to gain recognition and is now underway in the EU, which is resulting in the need for extra safety equipment on many existing lift installations.

This was the second event organized by Targi Kielce S.A. and its partners EWIT and PALM (Polish lift association) at the modern exhibition complex TargiKielce Exhibition & Congress Centre. Although there is not an international airport nearby, there are road and rail links to both Warsaw and Krakow, Poland, which also afforded the international visitor a chance to see some of the countryside and gain a feel for the development activity happening in the region. Looking out of the train window, it was clear that a great deal of construction on infrastructure, business parks, office buildings, shopping malls, residential apartments and homes has been started. So, upon arriving in Kielce, it was no surprise to see the roads being improved and a mass of construction projects, including further development of the exhibition complex.

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