Web Exclusive: Stannah Supplies the London Hippodrome

Hippodrome Casino 100The London Hippodrome first opened in 1900 as a “circus variety theater,” however, after a restoration project, it now serves the city as an international casino, theater and dining venue. Stannah Lifts Holding Ltd. of Hampshire, U.K., was tasked with supplying the building with 14 lifts.

According to Stannah, the star of the show is a new five-person, 357-kg-capacity hydraulic scenic elevator, which was installed in an existing lift shaft, retaining the “caged” surround from the original 1930s style. Stannah added a finer mesh to improve safety within the completely glass lift car, with no lift workings showing in the shaft. This is achieved with direct-acting hydraulics using a telescopic ram, to facilitate a reduced overall length of the piston. The lift travels from the ground floor, has four stops and is used primarily by VIPs.

Hippodrome Casino 032smStannah also supplied a duplex of its Xtralifts, which travel five floors and are designed for 13 passengers (1000 kg). The cars are stretcher-style and have through-car entrances with walls finished in decorated glass. Stannah also provided an additional Xtralift (same size and format), which is used for goods and serves the back of the building. The car is finished in stainless steel.

Hippodrome Casino 065sm

A 13-person lift was installed inside the Little Newport Street side entrance, directly from the China Town district. The through-car lift has adjacent entrances and features decorated glass wall panels. Because the installation of this lift affected the area’s Chinese community, the developer donated a Stannah Midlift SL platform lift to the community’s center to improve its access over three floors.

Stannah also assisted the building with other accessibility issues by installing a platform lift and a Stairiser wheelchair platform lift. The wheelchair lift provides access to the building’s top floor. The stairs lead to another single-entrance Xtralift that has two restricted-use stops to provide additional support for back-of-the-house staff, while front-of-the-house stops are for the Heliot Restaurant on the second floors and the poker level on the fourth floor, situated on the highest balcony. The venue also boasts four Microlifts (dumbwaiter food lifts) and a Microlift for collecting the proceeds from the gaming floors.

The project was managed by Stannah major projects team, which specializes in working closely with developers, architects and contractors. All lifts will be maintained by the London and South East branches of Stannah Lifts Services.

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