Web Exclusive: ThysennKrupp Elevator Installs Elevators at Morocco Mall

by Claudio Diniz and Manuel Castelhano

Morocco-Mall (2)Bordering the Atlantic Ocean on the Casablanca Corniche coast, the Morocco Mall is the largest shopping center in Africa, with 250,000 m² of floor space. The project represents an investment of US$242 million and created 21,000 indirect jobs and 5,000 direct jobs. The mall opened in December 2011 and serves approximately 14 million passengers per year. Designed by Design International (London), it has various attractions, one of which is a large aquarium containing more than 40 different species of fish. ThyssenKrupp Elevadores (Portugal) installed a lift that travels inside the aquarium. In it, visitors ride through the center of the cylindrical aquarium with a 360° view of the sea life.
Morocco-Mall (3)

Unit Capacity  Speed  Stops Quantity
Latitude 2000 kg 1 mps 5 5
Latitude 1000 kg 1 mps 2 1
Latitude 1000 kg 1 mps 3 1
Panoramic elevator 1359 kg 0.63 mps
Latitude 630 kg 1 mps 2 1
Altus Supra 630 kg 1 mps 2 1
Panoramic elevator 2000 kg 0.63 mps 4 2


Capacity Speed Stops Quantity
Panoramic elevator 1000 kg 1 mps 2 1

Massimo Dutti

Capacity Speed Stops Quantity
Panoramic elevator 1000 kg 1 mps 2 1


Capacity Speed Stops Quantity
Latitude 630 kg 1 mps 2 1
Latitude 1000 kg 1 mps 3 1
MH 70 kg 1 mps 2 1

Morocco-Mall (6)

ThyssenKrupp Elevadores was contracted to install various vertical-transportation solutions for the Morocco Mall. This equipment was installed in several retail stores throughout the structure.

Equipment Specifications

The Latitude elevators featured gearless motors and stainless-steel car finishes. Some of these models featured monitoring systems, double access and anti-choc bars inside the elevator cars. The Altus Supra models also featured gearless motors and stainless-steel car finishes and monitoring systems. The oval panoramic elevators have hydraulic machines, glass doors, a monitoring system and three panoramic faces. The aquarium elevator is a round panoramic elevator with a hydraulic machine and features a monitoring system, glass doors and three panoramic faces.


Claudio Diniz is head of Operation Management for ThyssenKrupp Elevator’s Portugal & Africa Regional Center. He focuses on optimization processes and development. Diniz joined the company in 1996 and has served in various roles. He studied Engineering at Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa in Lisbon, Portugal.

Manuel Castelhano is currently responsible for service design, study and implementation of ThyssenKrupp Elevadores’ Contact Centre. Prior to this role, he served as Operations manager in Casablanca, Morroco. He joined the company in 2002 and has served in several positions, including branch manager and business-development manager. Castelhano has an Electromechanical Engineering degree from Beira Interior University in Covilhã, Portugal.


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