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April 10, 2020

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ELEVATOR WORLD (EW) has been the vertical-transportation industry’s source for news and information for 67 years, and we aim to continue to be during the coronavirus pandemic affecting readers, advertisers, employees, contributors and associates around the world. With magazines in the U.S., India, the Middle East, Turkey, Europe and the U.K. and a strong online presence, EW has a wide reach. We will share your company news as often as it comes in, so please send it to us at email. Current updates include:

  • KONE 24/7 Connected Services Installed Free for Certain Customers. KONE is offering to install its 24/7 Connected Services free during the COVID-19 pandemic for current customers that operate medical facilities and care homes. “We care deeply about the customers and communities we serve, and we are taking extra steps to protect our customers’ businesses during this extraordinary time,” said Hugues Delval, Executive Vice President, Service Business at KONE. “We have a responsibility to help keep society running and critical services operational. Nowhere is this more important than in the area of patient care.”
  • The International Sourcing Exposition for Elevators & Escalators, which was to take place in Mumbai this year, has been postponed to May 6-8, 2021. For more information, contact organizer at email.


An Archinect Discussion Forum thread, “What Corona Means for Architecture,” included insight on April 4 from a poster about the current construction scenario in NYC. With the overall assessment that “new work is coming in slow, but it’s a pause, not a stop,” the individual said jobsites closed the previous week are now up and running after Essential Work applications were filed with the NYC Department of Buildings, and projects were reviewed in accordance with state laws and directives. The poster observed that affordable housing is considered essential and wondered if luxury condominium projects could be put on hold in a market that is “overinventoried.” A major complaint from contractors, the poster said, is freight elevators: “No one wants to ride in an such an elevator crammed with 20 people, so these elevators have been slower, which has slowed down construction.” Meanwhile, apartment renovation requests are “skyrocketing” as people are home thinking about improvements.


Elevecture is hosting a free American Institute of Architects (AIA)-credit-eligible webinar until May 31. Though recommended for interior designers and architects, its topic is how modular panel systems with ultrathin glass, LED lighting and video displays can be used in elevator cab and lobby designs. Coursework also includes the properties of the materials and an overview of a modular system and practical considerations for its use. The title is “Ultra-Thin Glass, Lighting and Video Displays in Modular Interior Surface Design: Safety, Performance and Aesthetics.” Those interested in attending may contact Elevecture at email.


An inclined elevator that's part of a planned light-rail line in Portland, Oregon, has been approved by Trimet, the regional public transportation agency, the Portland Tribune reports. The line, called Southwest MAX, would serve Southwest Portland and other areas and be used by commuters to the Oregon Health & Science University, which has only limited parking available. However, the nearby station would be below the university, at the bottom of a steep hill. After considering an elevator and pedestrian bridge arrangement, Trimet has settled on the "preliminary recommendation" of an inclined elevator. The plan calls for twin tracks with elevator cars to take users up and down the hill that separates the health facility and Southwest Gibbs Street station on Barbur Boulevard. Several issues have to be worked out, such as who would own the elevator — the city or Trimet — and whether a fee would be charged to use it. Trimet estimates that, by 2035, as many as 10,000 people a day could be using the elevator.


Construction has completed on Kamiyacho Trust Tower, a 180-m, 38-story mixed-use building in Tokyo's Toronomon District, and it is now accepting tenants, Japan Property Central reports. The high rise is part of the 1.6-ha Tokyo World Gate complex. Floors 3-30 are dedicated office space with 3,844-m2 floorplates and 2.9-m ceiling heights. Tenants include American Express and WeWork. Floors 31-36 house the Tokyo EDITION Toranomon luxury hotel, a 206-room lodging set to open this summer. The top two floors feature duplex-style penthouse apartments.

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