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Jan. 27, 2021

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The Canadian Elevator Contractors Association (CECA) has postponed its 2021 Halifax convention to June 2023. The CECA Board of Directors said the decision, announced in January, was based on Nova Scotia COVID-19 regulations regarding in-person meetings and a mandated two-week quarantine for anyone entering the province, continued closure of the U.S.-Canada border, fewer flights to and from Nova Scotia, company travel restrictions and hesitancy to resume air travel, the increase in COVID-19 numbers in Canada and delay in vaccine rollout and availability. In lieu of the Halifax convention, CECA said it is planning regional meetings with more travel options "to offer our members a chance to get together and experience that cozy Canadian feeling — should regulations allow." The association plans its next full convention in June 2022 in Montreal to celebrate its 50th anniversary. CECA was incorporated in Montreal in 1972.


The operator of the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIMA) are planning to install elevators in the structures to improve accessibility to elderly and disabled visitors, Ahmedabad Mirror reported on January 22. The structure, called an “iconic campus,” includes geometrical forms, a grand plaza and the Vikram Sarabhai library. The school is planning elevators in its "legacy buildings" that have four floors. Many seniors, as well as students with physical disabilities, have found it difficult to reach certain areas that have ramps. Several physically challenged visitors praised IIMA's plan to install of elevators, but the source does not say when the work will begin.


Plans to improve an area of Vancouver include a proposed pair of towers at the intersection of Cambie Street and West 41st Avenue, and a new, addtional entrance from the street to an underground portion of the Canada Line, Daily Hive reported on January 20. The Cambie Corridor Plan calls for a high-density development, with towers on the city blocks radiating from the intersection. Under the Cambie Corridor Plan, this area is designated for a pair of high rises reaching up to 305 ft and 31 stories. It would include retail and restaurant space on the ground level, three office levels and the remainder as residential. Improved access to the transit trains is urged as a way to let pedestrians in the Cambie/West 41st area gain more access into and out of the underground station. The current existing station features a staircase, an up-only escalator and an elevator, but plans call for additional escalators and other improvements to the area.


Ugatuzi Tower, a high-rise structure being built in Nairobi, Kenya, is getting underway, but one board is asking that the work be stopped, Kenya.co.ke said on January 21. The building, a 50-story tower approved by Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta in December 2020, would allow the structure to host the Ministry of Devolution headquarters and the Council of Government Secretariat. It would also feature a Devolution National Conference Centre that would accommodate 1,200 people and a devolution museum. The Kenya County Government Workers Union is asking the High Court to halt the project and bar providing funds for the construction of the skyscraper, but Secretary-General Roba Duba said that the governors were building the tower, and their pension was being used for the project. He also said the plan was not subject to public participation. A date will be set for the court to hear the union's grievances.

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