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November 2018 Extras

In addition to selected U.S. patents, we offer:

  1. Videos from “Amos Rex, Futuristically Embracing the Past”:
    "Making the Elevator an Artistic Experience"
    "Color matters"
    "teamLab Amos Rex exhibition"
  2. Patents from Paul W. Leffler and H. Russell Smith, which were examined during research for this month’s History article
  3. A video of the EHC Global Virtual Assistant in action at the National Association of Elevator Contractors expo
  4. A video showing how The Stairwell Elevator, featured in October’s Product Spotlight section, works
  5. NOVEMBER WEB EXCLUSIVE: “A Visit to the Elevator Museum in Massachusetts


Patent #10093516: Elevator Having a Braking Device

Patent #10093515: Elevator Apparatus

Patent #10087047: Door System for an Elevator Installation

Patent #10087046: Intelligent Building System for Altering Elevator Operation Based Upon Passenger Identification

Patent #10081516: Rope Terminal Assembly and an Elevator

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Patent #10081516

Patent #10093515

Patent #10071882

Patent #10071883

Patent #RE47035